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Clean River Mission

Cleaning Ramnadi

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Garbage on the banks of Ramnadi

After two years of working on the tree plantation effort we decided to start another initiative: cleaning up the rivers in our locality. On Oct 2nd 2008, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary we launched the Clean River Mission on the banks of Ramnadi.

Ramnadi is a river that originates upstream at Bhugaon and flows into the Mula in Baner (just past Mahabaleshwar hotel). In monsoon it is a torrent that sometimes overflows the bridge. At other times it resembles a sewage canal. The reason for that is human waste flowing directly into the river due to leaks in the local drainage, people defacating in the river and garbage thrown directly into the river be neighbouring households.

Human waste has caused the grown of parasitic plants that take over the river killing off good plants, bacteria and other living organisms.


Our current aim is to clean up a 2km stretch from Pashan road upto the sangam (confluence) with the Mula. We are taking various approaches as part of this attempt.

Education: Twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) our group walks through river bank. We physically lift garbage from some of the migrant and slum settlements and educate the local population about the health hazards of dumping garbage and defecating in the open. Many of the settlements do have toilets as well as water for some part of the day. 

Collecting garbage on the riverside

Garbage Removal: We talk to PMC about sending their garbage trucks to such localities and providing bins locally. PMC has been very helpful in getting their ward officers and their local staff to help us both in cleaning the river banks and lifting garbage on a daily basis.

Plugging leaks: We talk to PMC about fixing leaky drains and converting open drains into piped drains.

Tree Plantation: Trees are being planted on the river banks where flood waters are not expected to be strong. These will act as carbon sinks, provide aerobic activity to break down human waste in the river and also beautify the area.

A lot of work needs to be done before we get to our goal. Several experts who have years of experience in river cleaning are being consulted. Based on their recommendations we might build reed and gravel filters enroute to filter out plastic and larger pollutants. We welcome your suggestions and active support in this effort.


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