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Garbage to Garden

Waste Management

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Creating awareness about garbage management and hygiene

With growing population and the use-and-throw philosophy of our generation the problem of what do with the waste we generate is enormous. All of Pune's waste currently gets dumped into:

Urali-Kanchan: This village located an hour from Pune has been used as the "official" dumping ground. That is now running out of space and the villagers have finally had enough and have started actively agitating against the horrific hygienic conditions that have resulted.

Our Rivers: Regardless of whether someone defecates on the road or on their Rs 10000 toilet seat, currently the result flows into one of our rivers. We do have a few sewage treatment plants that are supposed to process it, but there are very few of them and many of them do not work as expected.

The Air We Breathe: Many people think that burning garbage is the best way of disposing it off. Plastic, thermocol and rubber generate toxic fumes on burning which can get into your lungs, food and soil. Burning dry plants, paper and wood also generates a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Garbage Management Initiatives 

There are several approaches we are adopting to solve the generation and processing of garbage so that much of the garbage can be handled at source.

Garbage To Garden: Wet waste including vegetable and fruit cuttings, excess food as well as garden waste can be composted very easily. Using techniques like vermiculture and bacterial culture wet waste can be put into pits or flower pots where they get converted quickly into fertile manure. We are working with organisations like Swach and Inora who providing waste pickers as well full composting solutions. 

Plastic Bag Replacement: One convenience that has caused havoc in urban management is the thoughtless use of plastic bags (worsening the effects of the Mumbai floods of 2005 for example). We are talking to local businesses about replacing them with paper or reusable cloth bags. A small scale unit has been setup that uses discarded cloth to make cheap bags. We need to follow the example of the West in providing paper alternatives and forcing consumers to think about this huge problem.

Cleanliness Groups: Similar to the small savings groups (बचत गट) that exist in Pune, we have started a concept called स्वछता गट that comprises of small groups of women in different localities. They meet once a week or so and discuss the issues facing their neighbourhood. Our representatives help them resolve these through our contacts in the Pune Municipal Corporation and other NGOs / private organisations working in this area.

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