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Baner Hill 3rd May 2009

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Posing for a photo before heading back after a good day of watering!

May 3rd was a very hot day. I had hoped to go earlier in the morning hoping to avoid the sun but reached only around 8pm. One group had already watered and left. There were a few at the new well we are building at the base. This will be a large one which will be charged using tankers. We will be moving the pump as well from the current location at Mr Kalmadi's house. 


The new small well on the top is almost done. We are going to need names for all the wells that are coming up :)

I took this low shot of the gulmohur (?) juxtaposed with the small flowering plant to show the health of our plants. Many of them look especially beautiful with fresh green leaves glinting in the sun.

The big well on the top has made it really easy to fill up cans and store water. Water is rarely a constraint now and hence even with smaller groups we are able to cover a large area quickly. 


There were not many people today and many had come and gone earlier, but you can see everyone spread around the small temple which was where we were concentrating today. There were four members of the Gayatri Parivar (Neeta Thorat, Rajesh Rajan, Sameer Maheshwari and Anil Parashar)  who had come. At least one member from their group has been coming to the hill every Sunday now for the past several weeks. Payal Gupta and Priyanka Arora both in IT and living in Nigdi also joined. Payal is going to start a tree plantation group in Nigdi along the Pavana.

Other groups had already watered the other parts of the top and on the way down we drew water from the base well to quickly water some parts near the Tukai temple which Sandeep was covering and he needed some more people to help out.


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On The Hill - Sunday 22nd March 2009

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We had a great day today. I met Sriram, Anish and Vikas Bhir coming down at 8am. They had started early at 6:30am to beat the heat and finished most of the area near the Tukai temple and the initial plateau area near the broken Sintex tank. Their idea was good, many of us are planning to start the watering earlier during the summer months.

I took their cans and went on ahead to the big tank where there was about 50 people including about 20 children. Some of the children was in the tank filling the cans faster than people could water! Many others including several 7-9 year olds were carrying five liter cans, some walking pretty quickly with two cans!

A contingent from Riviresa with several children came and participated very strongly. Thanks to them for the fresh cut fruit supplied at the end along with the delicious Poha that came from Hanumant Murkute's house.

I think almost 100% of the hill was covered today because of the large number of people and the efficient work done by them. Hope we get the same response through the summer months. The saplings must surely be hoping so!

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